A company that offers services for the recovery of lost Bitcoins and other Cryptocurrencies.
You've lost the access to your Bitcoin wallet or crypto wallet after the hard drive crash, disk read error, voltage spike and other equipment occurrences. We are ready to help you to restore the access to your wallets in all these cases.
And also if you have any other case of access loss to your Bitcoin wallet or crypto wallet, fill out the form below and we will answer you.
You lost the part of data of your seed phrase (mnemonic phrase).
You forgot the password to your Bitcoin wallet or crypto wallet.
You lost the part of an encryption key.
What cryptocurrency can we restore access to?
And many other cryptocurrencies.
Fill out the form below and we will contact you…



Bitcoin Cash
Step one: You fill out the form on our website.
Step two: The analysis of your situation.
Step three: You gather necessary information for recovery.
Step four: The recovery of your Bitcoin wallet or other cryptocurrency wallets.
Step five: We send you Bitcoin / Cryptocurrency
Step six: The deletion of your personal data
We will ask you to describe your situation. It can be by e-mail, by phone, in a secure messenger or in person. Before we continue you will be informed about the recovering probability and the commission rate for it.
If you have a wallet file, you can send it to us directly through the encrypted channel or by use of delivery. If you don't know how to find it, we'll help you by phone, by e-mail or in person. If you don't remember your password, we will ask you to provide the list of password examples you could have used.
Our specialists do the data recovery. The duration of the work depends on the complexity of the situation.

After a successful recovery we will request a destination address to refund your money less commission.
After the recovery is complete (or if we inform you that recovery is not possible), we will safely delete all your personal data.
We take responsibility and we are fully aware of the fact that the crypto wallet data recovery work is a work with the financial assets of our clients, so we treat this process with particular reliability and safety.
We have an officially registered international Teleport Company.

We do not share your data with other people.

We do not take a prepayment. You pay us only after you get the result.

We fully support the philosophy of cryptocurrency, decentralization and the human right to anonymity. That is why all relationships with our customers are completely confidential.

If we understand that you are trying to restore the access to someone else's wallet, we have the right to refuse you our services.

We can make the Contract for rendering of services with our company, if it is necessary.
  • The price for our services is from 10% of the amount of the restored wallet. The cost of services depends on the complexity of the task. We do not take a prepayment, you pay us only after you get the result.
If you bring a client who needs to restore the access to his Bitcoin wallet or cryptocurrency wallet, we will pay you a commission of 5% of the recovered funds.
*According to Chain analysis, about 3 million Bitcoins have been lost to date, this is about 150 billion US dollars, and you can earn in this market with us.
Fill out the form and we will give you a free consultation about the recovery of your Bitcoin wallet or cryptocurrency wallet.
One of the projects is Лицапобедителей.рф, the world's first project to search for veterans by photographs using artificial intelligence. More than 100 media and Internet portals showed interest to this project, and then the project was transferred to the Central Museum of Victory in Moscow.
Konstantin Mitenkov - IT entrepreneur
Alexander Turkin - IT solutions architect. IT security specialist